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SRS is the Swedish Sailing Federation’s Rating System for keelboats, multihulls and dinghies. The purpose of the sys­tem is to provide boats of different kind an opportunity to race against each other. The SRS Rating is intended to represent a boat’s best performance potential on a circular course in medium wind speeds. An SRS Rating is given as a single number time correction factor and the normal time correction method is Time on Time.

SRS is a semi empirical rating system where a boat’s Rating is primarily an assessment of its dimensions, but the system also contains empirical and subjective elements. Due to the architecture of the system, the methods and the basis for decisions on new or modified SRS Rating and/or the assigned SRS Table are not public. The intention is to prevent boats from being designed and optimized specifi­cally for SRS racing.

Since the SRS Rating is primarily based on boat dimensions, we want to emphasize the importance of speci­fying the correct dimensions and that the owner, according to “The Racing Rules of Sailing”, is responsible for the data on the Certificate being correct.

SRS is intended for keelboats of all kinds, dinghies and multihulls. We recommend however that, if possible, keelboats, dinghies and multihulls should not be mixed in the same class except possibly at lowest club level.

Ratings and specifications for many types of keel­boats, dinghies and multihulls are listed in the SRS Tables for keelboatsdinghies and multihulls.

SRSm Certificates – certificates based on owner spe­ci­fied boat data – or SRSv Certificates – certificates based on verified boat data – can be issued for boats not included in any of the SRS Tables or deviating from the standard boat specification.

There are no limitations on the number and type of sails to an SRSm or SRSv boat, other than those the boat owner chooses. Downwind sails are assessed individually based on their expected effect on boat performance and all such sails, their dimensions and materials must therefore be reported in thecertificate application.

A basic aim of the system is that it should be possible to be competitive with a normal boat and a normal sail wardrobe. Special sails such as "Code Zeros", staysails or abnormally large sail inventories, should not be a pre­re­quisite for prominent placements.

A boat’s rating will be reduced if it has a sail inventory limited to one mainsail, one genoa with HLP>135% of the foretriangle base on a roller system mounted completely above deck and one spinnaker or gennaker. A sail wardrobe with more than 2 headsails – jibs plus downwind sails – gives an increase in rating

The Swedish Sailing Federation offers SRS certificates for free to our foreign guests with a valid ORCi, ORCclub, IRC, NOR-rating, DH or corresponding certificate. 

However, you must apply for the certificate yourself: 

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