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Organize Nordic Championship

If a class association and a club in one country would organize a Official Nordic Championship, they have to have an approval from the Nordic Sailing Federation The procedure is very simpel:

1. Contact the class organizations in the other Nordic countries and inform them that you intend to arrange Nordic Championships so there is not more than one event.
2. Search
the approval / sanction for the competition in the country the competition would be organized.

3. Apply on this link at the latest May 31 or at least 2 months before the championship.
4. The championship will appear on this list and the event is apporoved if you have followed the steps above. If you need to change any information on the list you contact Swedish Sailing Federation.
5. Order the Championship medals at the Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation
6. Organize the championship and send in the results to Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation. The results will appear on nordicsailing.org eventually.

Apply Nordic Championship here>>

Nordic Championship calendar>>

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