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10 NOV 2019 20:32
Fira Nyår i spanska Blanes ch segla Winter EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2019/20.

  • Skapad: 10 NOV 2019 20:32

Mästerskapet seglas 1-5 januari 2020 och arrangeras av 2017 års VM-arrangör Club Vela Blanes.

Information från Paul Deporter följer nedan tillsammans med länk till arrangören:

Dear all.

Hoping you are all well.

1 - 5 JANUARY 2020
Blanes - Spain.

The first day of 2020, we will run in Blanes the 1st Winter Europena Championship.

You can find more information here

This is an OPEN event. You don't need to qualify to participate. Just be a member of your National Europe Class Association.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for the sailors that are considering to participate, to enter the event as soon as possible ( you can pay later )
So we will know better about how many sailors will come down south for New Year.

Apart of ESP, sailors from BEL and FIN already called me to show interest on the event, also heard rumours about FRA.

Please, ask your sailors to enter the event. The more that enter now, the more that will be intereted in joining it !!

Thanks a lot,

Paul Depoorter





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