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Lake Garda Training Camp

05 DEC 2015 09:39
Garda 2016
We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Garda regatta and training camp, where
we have an complete training program ready for you. The program includes sailing,
physical training on the shore and lots of fun!
  • Skapad: 05 DEC 2015 09:39

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Saturday 19.03.16 Regatta

2 hours before first warning signal: Briefing of the day 15 min after the protest time has ended: Debriefing and restitution run

Sunday 20.03.16 Regatta

2 hours before first warning signal: Briefing of the day 15 min after the protest time has ended: Debriefing and restitution run

Monday 21.03.16 Regatta

2 hours before first warning signal: Briefing of the day 15 min after the protest time has ended: Debriefing and restitution run 19.00 Dinner and party

Tuesday 22.03.16

Lay day

Wednesday 23.03.16

Training camp. Schedule TBA

Thursday 24.03.16

Training camp. Schedule TBA

Friday 25.03.16

Training camp. Schedule TBA

Saturday 26.03.16

Training camp. Schedule TBA

The Place

The Regatta and training camp is held in Torbole Harbor at Lake Garda. Lake Garda is known for its great sailing conditions, with a light northern wind in the morning and a southern sea breeze in the afternoon.


The Coach team consist of international coaches with many top results behind them.

During the regatta two coaches, Christian Rindom and Jørgen Holm, will be assigned and during the training camp there will be 10-15 sailors pr. coach.

Head Coach: Christian Rindom

Email: This is a mailto link

Phone: +4552241714

Coach: Jørgen Holm

Phone: +45 86 15 73 88

Coach: Anna Livbjerg

Email: This is a mailto link

Phone: +45 61 79 31 62

Coach: Søren Johnsen

Email: This is a mailto link

Phone: +4540175275

Training concept

The camp will mainly consist on the training on the water, but will also include two small physical training sessions. The physical training will focus on how to keep your body in balance, during a long regatta or training camp.

At the welcome meeting, you will be divided into teams of about 10-15 sailors.

The teams will be divided after your national ranking and the coaches’ assessment.

This ensures a high profit for all.

We know and recognize that language can be barrier for some, but based on input from sailors we have decided that the benefit of being a big group, outbalances the disadvantage of minor and limited language problems. In order to reduce language barriers, we aim to have a diverse coach team but the main language will be English.

Each coach will have an area of focus and will rotate between the teams. Two or more teams may be merged into one big group, if the training session requires it.

Focus areas:

  • Speed and sail setup

  • Tactic and strategy before and after the start

  • Maneuvers and techniques

  • Start training

In order to make the camp as profitable for you as possible, we would like you to write your expectation to the camp, and most importantly what you want to improve. If you give the Coach team some specific things to look after (that could be anything from how move in the waves, to how much angle your rudder should have) we can assure you, your output from the camp will be so much bigger! If you need help specifying your goals, feel free to contact the coaches.

Family chores

In order to make the Regatta and training camp a success, each family will be assigned one chore during the regatta and trading camp. The distribution of the chores will be sent to you by email after the registration deadline.

Should your parents not be able to complete the task, they are responsible for finding a replacement. The cores will be sent to by email no later than the 20th of March.

We would like to call on all parents to help and take care of all the sailors, should they need it.

Team leader


Social perspective

Even though the main reason for attending Garda is to improve one’s sailing skills, the social aspect is very important. Garda camp has long traditions for a dinner and party the night before the lay day.

Alcohol policy

We wish that the sailors are well rested and motivated for training each, and we will not accept a mix of alcohol and sailing.

Dinner and Party

The Dinner for all sailors and parents is held Monday the 30th of March. Sign up time and place will be published on the official notice board.

Physical training

During the training camp, there will be a minimum of 2 physical training sessions; the quantity will be depending on the weather conditions. Should the sailor not be able to participate, a medical certificate stating that the sailor is unable to run ect. is required ;)

Remember to bring running shoes and training outfit.

Garda Cup

The Garda Cup is a small training regatta, which will be held during the training camp. The sailing instructions will be publish on the notice board. There will be a total of five races, if the conditions allow it.

To do’s before the Regatta

Check for ware and tare: bolts, ropes, blocks, pins, dagger board, rudders, sails, wires etc.

Receipt for payment of the regatta.

Check parents chores

Running shoes and training outfit


Toolbox with the necessary spare parts.

Extra: A bike makes you independent and it is easy way to get to and from the Harbor


The sailors are responsible for their own transportation and the coordination of it, but should you need advice feel free to contact us.

Coach boat

The camp is dependent on parents or sailing transporting the coach boats from Denmark to Garda and back again. A compensation each ways will be provided. We expect to need a maximum of 5-6 coach boats. Should your sailing club be able to provide one or more coach boats please contact the Head Coach. Information is located in the bottom.

Sailing Documents

Remember to bring your documents’. Like any other international regatta your will not be able to participate if you don’t have them.

The required documents:

All measurement papers (boat, mast, boom, sail, rudderblade, rudderstock, dagger board and documentation of personal sail number should you have one.)

Valid insurance.

Sailing club membership documentation

Class origination membership.


Each sailor must arrange their own accommodation, but should you need advice feel free to contact us.

Price for the training camp

Fee for ECD Members: 2000 DKK excluding regatta fee.

Fee for non ECD Members: 2000 DKK or 270 € excluding regatta fee.

Registration for the Regatta only

Registration on http://circolovelatorbole.com

Open registration for the training camp

Registration on https://europeclass.nemtilmeld.dk  

Please provide:

  • Name

  • Nationality

  • Sail number

  • Club

  • Mail

  • Mobil phone number

  • Do you bring your family Y/N

  • Parents or relatives contact information

The registration is not complete before all of the information is provided and payment is made.

Last entry and payment is Monday the 5th of March. Late entry: Should you want to register later than the 5th of March, an additional entry fee of 300 DKK/40 Euro is charged.

Skribent: Magnus Nordström
E-post: This is a mailto link